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    Pictures from the filming of tomorrow’s episode (S05E14 Reality Star Struck)! 

    This filming took place a while ago but my friend just uploaded the pictures now to FB. Photo credits goes to her (so please don’t use unless you ask for permission from her via me, I suppose)! Thanks L.J. for the awesome photos! ♥

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shoot for the moon for even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars ~ my personal blog ... soon to be grad student, tv addict, webtrovert.

my loves ♥ ~

currently airing shows: castle, scandal, once upon a time, bones, new girl, how i met your mother, the big bang theory, the mentalist, rizzoli & isles, pretty little liars, suits, the newsroom, and downton abbey

canceled/ended: friends, star trek: the next generation, firefly, legend of the seeker, lie to me, chuck, pushing daisies, brothers & sisters, private practice, and gilmore girls

shows i no longer watch but would still appreciate: grey's anatomy, revenge, elementary, person of interest, white collar, and nikita

favorite author: jane austen

one of my hobbies include writing fanfiction (for castle) so feel free to check out some of my work. ^^


all in all, this probably sums up my life right here. if you have any questions about anything, be sure to drop me a message in my ask box. i don't bite and i would love to interact with my followers. XD
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